Friday, October 7, 2016

Week 5- The Day After Throwback Thursday

Last night the Cardinals and 49ers played an old style game on Throwback Thursday, which reminded me of those games in the 1970s when the running game trumped the passing game. In this case it was more about the lack of quality quarterbacks playing on the field. So now the Cardinals are 2-3 after beating up on a pretty awful 49ers team, whose only redeeming value last night was their black Lycra clad cheerleaders in their "Color Rush" cheer uniforms (truly the best ones in the league)... We pause here for a long look!

Mmmmm.... Ok time for leering and gazing is over, back to football! Let's take a look at the highlights from last night... 

Thank God the defense played great, for the passing offense with Drew Stanton under center looked sluggish. To many dropped balls. Fortunately David Johnson brought his Walter Payton moves and ran all over the 49ers defense. In sum, despite their quarterback and struggling back up quarterback, the Cardinals prevailed.  Midway through the first quarter this writer was calling for Josh McCown to come in and take over, for he could have moved the ball with much more fluidity up and down the field, for he is the type of quarterback the Cardinals need on the bench, a 21st Century version of Don Strock.

The Cardinals should never have gotten rid of Josh
Don Strock was the ultimate pinch hitter and relief pitcher in the 1970s and 1980s, just ask Don Shula!
Well, those are my early morning thoughts on last night.  More later today, especially on the subject of uniforms and the need for the NFL to remember its history...

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